US EPA Wadeable Streams Study

Wadeable Streams Assessment: A Collaborative Survey of the Nation's Streams

CARS participated in the US EPA Wadeable Streams Assessment, collecting samples at over 30 sites in Arkansas and participating in the direction of the analysis and interpretation of the results.  The results of the WSA show that 42% of the nation’s stream length is in poor biological condition, 25% is in fair condition, and 28% is in good condition.  Results were also divided into 3 ecoregions of the US.  Two of these ecoregions, Eastern Highlands and Lowlands and Plains, were represented in Arkansas.  For the Eastern Highlands percent of stream miles in poor, fair, and good biological condition were 18%, 20%, and 52% respectively.  For the Lowlands and Plains ecoregion the values were 29%, 29%, and 40% respectively.  More details on the study can be found at the EPA website listed below.

US Environmental Protection Agency (Funding and Collaboration) helped make this project possible.

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