Osage and Spring Creek Ecosystem Assessment

Water Quality and Ecological Assessment of Osage and Spring Creeks in the Illinois River Basin, Arkansas.

The cities of Springdale and Rogers, Arkansas contracted with McGoodwin, Williams and Yates , the University of Arkansas Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability and Arkansas Water Resources Center to conduct a study evaluating water quality and assessing biological conditions in Osage and Spring Creeks in Northwest Arkansas. More specifically, the team collected and analyzed water quality, benthic macroinvertebrate, fish, and periphyton samples from  Osage and Spring Creeks in Northwest Arkansas to evaluate the status of attainment of the aquatic life designated use of the streams under Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission's Arkansas Department of environmental Quality Regulation 2 (ADEQ Reg. 2). Results of the water quality assessment showed no violations of ADEQ Reg. 2 criteria, with the exception of the site upstream from the Springdale WWTP for dissolved oxygen during Critical Season 1. All other observations across all other sites met the criteria for designated use for water quality during all observation periods.  based upon the analyses performed during this project water quality in Spring and Osage Creeks met or exceeded designated use criteria for the period measured. Biological data indicated that stream ecosystem processes were not impaired by phosphorus, and biotic communities were not degraded by phosphorus.

Dr. Brian Haggard, Director Arkansas Water Resources Center; Dr. Arthur Brown, Professor Department of Biological Sciences; McGoodwin, Williams, and Yates Engineering; Funding from the Cities of Springdale and Rogers all contributed to this project.

Marty Matlock, 479-575-2849, mmatlock@uark.edu