Waste Management

ammonia emission study lagoon digester on-site SBR treating dairy milking waste

The CARS waste management program focuses on the handling, treatment and reuse of poultry litter. Arkansas is ranked #2 in poultry production in the nation, and generates approximately 1.3 million metric tons of litter annually. Currently there are virtually no cost-effective methods to resourcefully deal with this waste, aside from land application. However, over the years land application of poultry litter has been linked to environmental issues in many places due to saturation of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in the soil, thus increasing the potential for surface and ground water pollution caused by nutrient runoff and/or leaching from overloaded soils. To safeguard the environment, effective technologies are needed to manage poultry litter and reduce its polluting power and recover its additional value other than being used solely as cropland fertilizer.