Life Cycle Assessment Research and Resources


CARS has been providing innovative life cycle analyses for food, feed, fiber and fuel impacts on greenhouse gas, energy, water, biodiversity, and toxicity.  These analyses have included impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use, land use, biodiversity, and toxicity.


Energy Calculator Tools
Click here for a summary of energy calculators available on the world wide web. The calculators cover areas such as calculating greenhouse gas equaivalents, estimating your personal carbon footprints, calculating potential home energy savings, determining energy use associated with farming operations and more.

Life Cycle Assessment work at the University of Arkansas 2009

Life Cycle Assessment: A Simple Overview of a Complex Process
Click here for an overview of the LCA process, prepared by CARS and partner organizations.

Open Source LCI/LCA - White Paper
Click here for information on the Applied Sustainability Center's Open Source LCI/LCA project. The Applied Sustainability Center, with input from CARS, is coordinating an open source LCI/LCA database to overcome cost and time burdens associated with life cycle studies. The open source database will foster collaborative data entry by all who wish to add value to the process.

Sustainable Agriculture and Life Cycle Assessment Presentation

Sustainable Metrics and LCA in Agriculture Current Sustainability Metrics Intuitives in Agriculture


News Items:

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