Economic Contribution of Agriculture Research

Pocket Guides:

CARS evaluates the annual contribution of the agricultural production and processing sectors on the Arkansas economy using the most recent data available. These pocket guides highlight agricultural production values and national rankings for all major agricultural commodities produced in Arkansas. Additionally these guides show the economic contributions of agriculture -- in terms of jobs, income and value added -- that it brings to the state. The year underneath the pocket guide indicates the year this document was released.

Details regarding the latest release can also be viewed here.

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Research Report:

CAR's research report provide the details of our economic contribution studies. In earlier years, these annually-released reports provided details regarding both the economic contribution of agriculture as well as the contribution of agriculture and food to Arkansas' gross domestic product. More recently we have split these analyses into separate reports. The dates listed under the reports indicate the year it was released.


Economic Contribution of the Agricultural Sector:

Economic Contribution of Agricultural and Food to Arkansas' Gross Domestic Product:

Economic Contribution of Agricultural and Gross State Product Combined:


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