Economic Contribution of Agriculture

CARS researchers regularly assess agriculture’s economic contribution to the Arkansas economy. Agriculture is defined as the production and processing sectors associated with crops, animal and forestry. Findings suggest that Arkansas’ Agricultural Sector is consistently a critical component of Arkansas’ economy.  Agriculture in Arkansas contributes a larger share to the state’s economy than does agriculture in the neighboring Southeast states and the US average share.

The research reports explain in detail methodologies used for the contribution analysis. The contribution is reported in terms of number of jobs, labor income and value-added. Reports also offer examinations of the components of agricultural production and processing, including a review of historical sales trends for raw and processed agricultural output.

The pocket guides provide an overview of the contribution of agriculture to the economy for a given year. They also present commodity production information including current production levels, the state rank by commodity and historical highlights.

Data used in these analyses come from multiple sources including the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, USDA Economics Research Service, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, and Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc. Pocket guides and research reports utilize the most recent data available at the time of publication. Both publications are listed below by release date.