About CARS

The Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability (CARS) was established in 2007 as a primary outlet of sustainability research and outreach in the UA Division of Agriculture, and is tasked with the mission of enhancing and sustaining prosperity in rural Arkansas. Since its inception, CARS has strived to provide leadership in the joint efforts of all concerned stakeholders in the state and rigorously pursued federal, state, industry, and foundation funds to support activities relevant to CARS’s mission. The Center provides an ideal platform for the UA Division of Agriculture researchers to conduct cutting edge research in a team environment to timely address existing and new challenges in agricultural sustainability faced by the agricultural industries, and the citizens as well, in Arkansas. The Center is administered through the Division of Agriculture, with a Steering Committee composed of senior faculty and department heads, and an Advisory Board. The Center is managed by Area Directors and supported by faculty and staff with expertise in all major aspects related to the promotion and establishment of agricultural and rural sustainability in the state. The Center’s activities and priorities are reviewed every three years by the Vice President for Agriculture, the Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Research, the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board.